A DataTale LLC and Fabrice Harari's venture

Version 1.03Br, 2014-05-18    

- Home page: Added function to be able to see the company description in the central/big cell. You need to be logged in to use that function
- Made changes to solve IE compatibility problems. If you are using IE, please report any remaining bug/problem.


Version 1.03Bq, 2014-04-25    

- Home page: Changed all cells look: for better readability, the color/size of the text/link has been changed to a darker/bolder one when the mouse is over it ... 
- Home page: Corrected bug sur central card Next and Previous buttons. For timing reasons, the first/last card case would display an empty card
- Home page: Added COOKIES management to save the user choice for the animation setting.


Version 1.03Bk, 2014-04-18    

- Home page: Changed all cells look: now square instead of rounded borders... 
- Home page: Added automatic user signature in the message function
- Home page: Added Heartbeat function


Version 1.03Bj, 2014-04-07    

- Home page: Added filtering function (by language and type of tool)
- Account page: Added double click on message table to do the same as read link
- Account page: Corrected case of empty message table. Clicking on read link was creating an error


Version 1.03Bi, 2014-04-02

- Home page: Added sorting function (by creation, modification or alpha)
- Home page: In the central card, added icons to show what target the project is aiming to
- Several bugs corrections


Version  1.03Bh, 2014-03-26    

- Several bugs corrections
- Home page: Improved the temporary password system: now check if user inactive or blocked before sending a password that wouldn't work anyway. Also send back a message if it's the case


Version 1.03Bg, 2014-03-22

- First public version