A DataTale LLC and Fabrice Harari's venture

About WXShowroom

First envisioned by Fabrice Harari around the year 2000, WXShowroom finally came to life in 2014... Better late than never...

WXShowroom will allow you to show your existing projects (WinDev executables, WebDev sites, WinDev Mobile apps, and any possible mix) to other developers and companies using WinDev, WebDev and WinDev Mobile.

Why? Because very often, it's more profitable for everybody NOT to reinvent the wheel... The problem up to this point was to find the program matching your customer need... It is now going to be easy. 

Why is it better to work with somebody who is also using the PCSoft products? Many reasons:

- he's not going to criticize your tools behind your back

- he's going to show your customers that there are other companies using these tools

- he will know what you are talking about when you need to coordinate data exchange, add functionalities, etc.

- if he's reselling your products, there is also a good chance you'll be able to resell his

Everybody wins...

Even better, this service is FREE! Why? What's my angle? In any collaboration between two of my customers/contacts, there is a good chance that there will be some work (translation, development of extra modules, etc) that will come my way... So the more business is generated via this tool, the more business will come my way. 

How does it work? Just log in, access your account, and fill the "your company" tab to give some information about your activity. Then save, and go on the "your showroom" tab to add as many products as you want... The entries will be moderated, so as to be sure that the content of the whole showroom stays professional. 

The showroom is accessible from its own URL WXShowroom.com and also from fabriceharari.com and datatale.com, so as to be immediately visible to the several hundreds visitors coming to these web sites every day.

So NOW is the time to reach for your keyboard and start showing the members of the community how they can make money with your products.


About Fabrice Harari

Fabrice has been doing professional software development since 1983. He started using the PCSoft products about 10 years later, when WinDev was showing a 1.5 version number... So that's about 20 years of experience on first WinDev, then WebDev and WinDev Mobile.

Fabrice is offering a wide range of consulting services around these products, from debugging your application to the complete development of a project, with everything in between and including of course the requirement list, the help, and everything else needed. 

Fabrice is also developing and selling Video Courses about the PCSoft products.

For more information about any of this, just go to fabriceharari.com (and for those of you not seeing it, the menu  is in the earth smiley)


About DataTale

DataTale LLC is a Delaware based company founded by Fabrice Harari in 2007. You can get more information on its site: datatale.com